Cristie Windfeld-Lund

Cristie Windfeld-Lund


(APAM & Neurology Group Member)
MPH & BPhysio

Since graduating from La Trobe University in 1998, Cristie has been a dedicated Neurological Physiotherapist, having over 20 years of clinical experience. She has spent most of this time working with clients who have sustained severe acquired brain injuries, predominantly at a senior leadership level. Cristie currently works part-time as a Physiotherapy Stream Leader of the Inpatient Acquired Brain Injury Unit at Caulfield Hospital. Prior to moving to Alfred Health, Cristie worked at The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre, leading both the inpatient and outpatient Neurological Physiotherapy teams, the spinal, neurology and acquired brain injury areas of The Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, and Ivanhoe Private Rehabilitation.

Cristie’s primary areas of interest now include disorders of consciousness, spasticity management and very severe acquired brain injuries. She is keen to complement her sub-acute rehabilitation experience by helping clients to achieve their goals in the community whilst working alongside an expert team of clinicians. Cristie is devoted to improving patient experience and for translating evidence into real-world patient care.