Claire Swanton

Claire Swanton

Occupational Therapist

(OTR), BScOccTherapy (Hons

Claire completed her training in 2001 and soon commenced specialising in neurology and brain injury. Claire initially practiced in the space of acute brain injury whilst working in The Alfred Hospital’s trauma centre then into inpatient rehabilitation at The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre.  During her lengthy employment at Epworth Rehabilitation, Claire was Neurology team leader. As part of her work with the Epworth’s Acquired Brain Injury team, Claire trained in SMART assessment and treatment in London. In 2012, Claire moved into the area of community rehabilitation, initially with the Epworth’s Community Integration Team and then into private practice.

Claire has a special interest in very severe brain injuries. She is passionate about interdisciplinary, evidence based practice where the client is empowered and equipped to make changes necessary for meaningful and sustainable change.